How to Put On Your Own One Person Show

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Tell your story, but don't feel that you have to write a first-person autobiographical narrative.

Tell your story in a highly theatrical way.

Andrea is one of only fifteen people in the country with her particular MFA degree. Andrea's MFA program at San Francisco State University was unique in that it integrated acting, writing and directing, and it required of its actors that they be the primary creators of their work. While at San Francisco State University, Andrea and her five classmates created, under the close guidance of brilliant professors, hundreds of original works.

Through this supervised play, they were forever changed. Metaphor and imagination became inextricable elements of their creative lives.

After her MFA program, Andrea started her own theater company and wrote, directed and performed numerous theatrical works, including several acclaimed solo shows.

Rachel Rosenthal and John Steinbeck are Andrea's greatest artistic influences. Andrea strives for a balance between the Postmodern and the traditional.

In her workshops and her book Andrea encourages writers and performers to be very clear about their motivation to perform, to fully utilize the elements of the theater, to embrace metaphor and to explode onto the stage their unique voices.

Andrea asks her students: What is your motivation? What is your mission? What is your message? What metaphoric world can we create to appease your motivation, accomplish your mission and get across your message?

Andrea will ask these questions and more at her next solo-show workshop. Additionally, Andrea will encourage her students to write, act and venture perilously far from their comfort zones.

Andrea's clients put on successful shows. Regina Louise brought her hit show to the LA area after a successful run in Northern California.

Katie Wilbert will soon be taking her original musical "This Life Chose Me: A Ninja Musical" to Edinburgh during the summer of 2013.

Collin Lee Turner created and performed his hybrid scripted-improvised "Heart of Kentucky" where he personifies the state of Kentucky...

Debra Granieri created and performed her fictional piece "There Goes the Bride" where her protagonist does what she knows she shouldn't...

Dhruv Singh created and performed his multi-character romp "Sex, Love, Hollywood" showing off his Mr. Bean-esque skills in this feat that is just as much play as it is hilarious sketch...

Bella Rozakis created and performed her mock cooking show "Sweet Treats" where she demonstrates via loads of audience participation how to make multi-layered spanikopita, which is not only a glorious food but also a symbol of maternal love...

And every two months more students perform on the iO West Main Stage as part of the iO West Solo Showcase.

Here is what clients and students have said:

"Andrea stretches the imagination like a trampoline and then she bounces on it" Erin S., Los Angeles

"Andrea's genius was evident after the fourth meeting when it all fell into place, and I thought, Holy sh*t!" Ally B., Los Angeles

"I AM SO ENERGIZED! I am more and more convinced of my gut feeling 'Oh, She will teach me!'...What a lottery I won!" Walker W., NYC

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