How to Put On Your Own One Person Show

Writing workshops for actors in Los Angeles with Teacher, Writer and Performer Andrea Kittelson

Andrea Kittelson, Writer, Performer and TeacherLos Angeles Solo Performance Workshops

with Solo Performance Coach, Andrea Kittelson

"With an MFA in theater, 10 years behind her as a public school teacher, three years as a cabbie and an undeniably challenging childhood, this brainy blond bombshell is a sure winner! Having moved to LA last summer to pursue a career as a writer/performer, Andrea is an ambitious, hard-working, perky and positive new force on the local arts scene! Watch for her name, and look out, LA!" - Pat Taylor The Tolucan Times

Solo performance coach Andrea Kittelson teaches solo performance classes where actors learn to write and produce their own one-person shows in Los Angeles, CA. Don't live in LA? Buy Andrea's new book, "How to Put On Your Own One Person Show." It's like having your own private one person show consulting session in the comfort of your own home!

Read the text to Andrea's fifth one-person show: "Into the Belly."

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