How to Put On Your Own One Person Show

Writing workshops for actors in Los Angeles with Teacher, Writer and Performer Andrea Kittelson

Andrea's Theatrical Experience...In Her Own Words:

I co-founded and ran Hyde and Turk Performance Works in San Francisco, a downtown theater company dedicated to original works: 1995-2000. In 2000, during the boom, our space was bought by nuns who then evicted us. They have since used the space, ironically, to tend to the Tenderloin homeless. (I'm not at all irked. They do awe-inspiring work). Upon eviction, we moved to the East Bay, where we continued to write and perform.

I wrote, produced, directed and performed dozens of solo shows and ensemble pieces, at least two of which were award-winning: 1993-2012.

I earned an MFA in Theater Performance from San Francisco State University: 1993. This unique three-year conservatory program integrated acting, writing and directing. There were six students admitted to my class. The six of us spent three years in collaboration, creating and performing hundreds of original pieces, many of them nonsensical Postmodern gibberish that no one in their right mind would pay to see, but all of them a hoot. Especially the ones involving popcorn, ladders, various human fluids and clay.

My MFA internship was directing hand-puppet shows for the Mayan theater troupe Sna Jtzi'bajom in Chiapas, Mexico.

I hold a BA in Theater and Political Science from the University of Minnesota: 1988. My senior projects were an original play and an internship as a lobbyist in the Minnesota Legislature.

I was an exchange student at Lancaster University in Lancaster, England during the academic year: 1986-1987. While in England, I performed in several stage productions, did some runway modeling, despite the fact that I was 5'4" and rotund, and spent a month living at Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp, where I was privy to some exceptional fire-side storytelling by some exceptional (and sometimes completely sauced) women from all over the world.

I was also a Kibbutz Volunteer on Kibbutz Mevo Hamma in the Golan Heights: Spring 1987. It was there, during one particular sunny afternoon, after a six-hour day of folding red pencil boxes in the Kibbutz-owned plastics factory...I was sitting in occupied territory on a grassy hill just above a minefield overlooking the Sea of Galilee singing Dylan songs along with white and black South Africans and M16-toting Isreali soldiers...when the meaning of words such as "paradox" and "irony' really dawned on me.

I have been a K-12 teacher for seventeen years and a studio teacher, teaching child actors on the sets of commercials, movies and television shows, a solo performance instructor at iO West, and a writer and performer throughout the city of Los Angeles.

Theatrical Resume