How to Put On Your Own One Person Show

Writing workshops for actors in Los Angeles with Teacher, Writer and Performer Andrea Kittelson

Private Coaching for Your One Person Show

Actors, Train Privately with Andrea to Write, Produce and Perform in Your Own
One Woman Show or One Man Show in Los Angeles, CA

If you prefer to explore your process in private rather than in a workshop setting, Andrea will help you create and stage your piece. Private one-person show consulting is an excellent way to get your project off the ground FAST.

Andrea will help you understand your motive, clarify your message and choose just the right mask and milieu to make it all happen.

Don't stop at autobiographical narrative in the first person. You can end there if it's the BEST choice, but not if it's simply the easiest or most familiar choice.

Be different. Be exceptional.

Script Analysis: $200 per 5,000 words
Coaching, Hourly Rate: $75
Series of Five or More Coaching Sessions, Hourly Rate: $60
Complete Crafting (Writing) of Your 45- to 90-minute One-person Show: TBD

For more information, call (323) 363-1934 or e-mail